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  1. The case of the fedmsg hang

    Yesterday I was doing some testing with Bodhi's staging environment to try to reproduce a bug and test a proposed fix for it. The bug was in a library that Bodhi's repository composer uses to test whether the composed repository meets basic sanity checks. The composer runs this at the …

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  2. rpick

    I spent some time doing my first non-humor program in Rust, rpick. It's still a simple program, but I find it useful because I have a very hard time making simple decisions such as which restaurant to go to, or which album to listen to next. rpick uses a Gaussian …

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  3. Asynchronous bodhi-ci

    I've made some more progress with Bodhi's Continuous Integration test suite runner, bodhi-ci, over the past week or so. bodhi-ci is intended to be used by both Jenkies and human developers, so that humans have a way to reproduce test failures locally. As of my most recent blog post about …

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